Our Firm

Established 1968, our mission has always been to help individuals and businesses attain financial security. We are a full service insurance and wealth management firm. Our reputation for excellence has been earned by consistently delivering the level of service our clients expect and appreciate. We serve as a valuable resource to you and your company. Our firm brings problem-solving expertise with a unique collection of personal and industry experience, and technological resources to manageyour business risks and help you define your organizations needs and expectations. We continuously measure performance according to these standards. We have no affiliation to any one company or their products, and thus able to offer independent and objective advice. The resulting absence of any conflict of interest between us and our clients ensures an alignment of both parties interests and a total focus on results.The value we add is providing advice and products which can help solve personal, estate, retirement and business planning needs. We are a team of professionals with access to a wide variety of products and resources which can help a company or individual reach all of their goals.  Our goal, once you are a client, is to provide you with "CONCIERGE" service.